The Art of Buying Fresh Flowers


flowers-1325012_1920Flowers are one of the most adorable plants on earth. They have the power to add beauty, aroma and an excellent finish to any setting. For any flower enthusiast, learning the art of buying fresh flowers is critical. This is because one can get the most out of a flower when it is fresh. This article will talk about things to consider when buying flowers to make sure that they are fresh.

Do not purchase outdoor flowers.

Displayed flowers outside a flower shop are meant to attract people inside the flower store. These flowers have been exposed to harsh environmental elements such as ultraviolet radiation and gasses such as ethylene from vehicles among others. Do not purchase these flowers because they will wilt faster than those that are indoor. Buy flowers that are in the store because they have exposure to the right environment hence making them fresher and long lasting.

Do a thorough check on the water that the flowers have been stored in.

Almost all fresh flowers are sold in water. Hence it is important to inspect the water just to make sure that it is clean. Dirty water does not give most flowers the kind of minerals and salts that are required to keep them fresh. The vases that the flowers are stored in should also be clean. Therefore, buy flowers that are stored in a clean container with clean water. This is to ensure their freshness and longevity.Note that not all flowers need fresh water. Some like tulips need to be stored in dirty and muddy water.

Analyze the flowers and the leaves. Most flowers are cut.

Therefore, it is easy to see flowers that are dying or withering. Yellowing and blotching in flowers indicate that they are not fresh. A flower that is blotched has brown or black areas. Therefore, avoid purchasing flowers which shows these two elements.

Check how the buds of the flowers open.

Flowers that are under good care have buds that open easily. However, it does not mean that all buds of all flowers open up fully or quickly. It depends on the type of the flower. There are those that open a little, and there are those that open fully once kept in pots. It is, therefore, advisable to consult a florist to find out the flower ideas that suit your needs.



The above tips consider all aspects of fresh flowers. Therefore, keeping them in mind, means that you have already learned the art of buying fresh flowers.