Interesting Flower Facts


chamomile-1261796_1920 Since the beginning of time, flowers have really dazed us with their enticing scents and their stunning and unique beauty. However, some of these phenomenal gifts of nature have unbelievable characteristics that are not known to many of us. Here are some interesting facts about common flower breeds.


In the 1600’s in Holland, Tulip bulbs were more costly than gold. This flower represented love, life, and immortality. In the 1630’s, there emerged a frenzy for tulips in Western Europe known as Tulip mania. The frenzy made tulips so expensive that they were treated as a form of currency.

Tulips have a very short lifespan of three to seven days.

In most recipes, the tulip bulbs can be used as onions

Even after being cut, tulips grow at a constant rate of one inch per day.


Sunflowers were used as a sign of Spiritual Church because of their property of facing or turning towards the sun. They were perceived like this since spiritualism turns towards the light of truth. This property of moving towards the sun is referred to as heliotropism.

Sunflowers can be utilized in the extraction or removal toxic elements like lead arsenic and uranium from the soil. After the Chernobyl disaster, they were used in the removal of strontium-90 and cesium-137 from a nearby pond.

Sunflower seeds are used as snacks while its oil is widely used for cooking.


These flowers symbolize innocence

Daisies are two in one flowers i.e. a petite yellow disc part that forms the eye and white petals peripherally.

Its medical properties include slowing bleeding, easing back pain, easing cough and relieving indigestion.

When not controlled, daisies can be serious weeds since they are resistant to most pesticides and bugs and thrive in rough conditions.


Roses are usually associated with Virgin Mary and symbolize beauty and love. These flowers are vastly used on Valentine’s Day to express love.

A rose held in hand is a sign of socialism

2000 rose flowers are needed to produce only one gram of rose oil

Rose hips of some rose species happen to be among the richest sources of Vitamin C. They are utilized in the production of jellies, jams and are also brewed for tea.

Some rose species are used in Chinese herbal medicine to treat stomach problems.


Therefore, the next time you pass through a flower garden, take a moment to consider the individual plants growing in that garden. One of them may have a long and illustrious history while another may hold the secret for curing a chronic disease. Every flower common or rare has attributes and qualities worth admiring.