Flowers and Their Meanings


bouquet-1632776_1920Our world today is filled with a wide array of flower choices. When shopping for a flower, one is met by an enduring task of trying to associate a particular flower with a particular meaning. Your flower choice may determine the kind of reaction and response a person gets. However, unfortunately there are no rules governing the flower game. Flowers are given their individual meaning by the human sentiment based on an individual perception of the particular flower. This may be based on their color, shape or even the place and occasion when the particular flower is commonly used.

Deep within the flower world, there are little hidden meanings which can only be understood by few people. Apart from the common knowledge that a red flower stands for romance, and one should not send yellow flowers to mourning people, more secret meanings are deeply embedded in the flowers. Let us look at some of the intriguing flower meanings that will leave you baffled by the much you never knew about flowers and their meanings.

The Acacia Blossom is one of the flowers whose language is understood by very few individuals globally. The flower represents chaste love, and highly concealed love. It is a representation of the beauty in retirement. So whenever you think of visiting an old friend who is almost going for retirement, consider getting one for them. I bet you never knew that!!

The Aster is the symbol of patience. It is not widely known but it also represents absolute elegance and daintiness. The Aster is also indicative of a love of variety.

The Camellia Flowers come in a variety of pink, red and white flowers which have their own individual meanings as well. The Camellia flower generally represents perfection and admiration. They are often given as a gift to a man and are also signs of a good luck wish. The Pink Camellia speaks volumes of a deep secret admiration and sends a message that you are longing for the particular person. The red Camellia show deep affection and admiration and sends messages that you are a lighting flame in the heart of the other party, while the white Camellia indicates that you are adorable. Well, if you thought that is all that there is in the flower world then brace yourself for more secret flower meanings you never knew of.

The Carnation represents pride and beauty with the red carnation representing love, pride and admiration while the pink one symbolizes the affectionate love of a woman or mother. The purple carnation is a symbol of capriciousness, while a yellow carnation represents disdain and disappointment. The white carnation on the other hand is a symbol of innocence and love that is all pure. However, a stripped carnation has a silent meaning of refusal and may be a disappointment.


The flower world cannot be summarized in a single article. It is a world full of intriguing mysteries that can only be revealed once you interact with the beautiful plants that make life worth living. Next time you go shopping for flowers, make sure you have studied the meanings precisely to avoid embarrassing moments.