Rose Colors and Their Meanings


flower-646127_1280Roses come in different colors to denote different special emotions attached in them. One would ask, is it just a flower which comes in different colors? The answer, a resounding No! Roses are special and have a mystical appeal to mankind since anyone could remember. Just like that beautiful flower from this paradise which stores every human emotions possible, seeing a flower definitely strikes a chord in the human heart, but which one for what?

Thus we have different rose colors and their meanings:


Red roses are the most eternal of them all, it signifies the love between two beating hearts and has passionate romance written all over it. Anyone receiving a red rose instantly acknowledges the growing love from the giver. Red rose is all about passionate love. There is literally no “I love you” without a red rose. This flower colr will definitely make anyone feel more beautiful.


Yellow is one of the brightest color one can find, and that is why a yellow colored rose symbolizes the bright vibrant energy and feeling in our life. A yellow rose is usually given to that special friend in your life AKA your Soul Buddy, your 3 am friend, somebody who brings in joy and comfort in your life, makes your life bright and bursting of positive energy!


Like the pure innocence of your first love, it symbolizes the grace brought in one’s life. A pink rose denotes sweetness, admiration, grace and joy. This flower color conveys a lot of message, all connected to those feelings that were contained all those years when you felt you where in love but didn’t have the courage to say so. Additionally the Pink color brings up that feeling of fresh emotions bundled with a fresh bouquet of pink roses.


Orange is a playful friendly color, it denotes excitement, a heart that is full of desire and the energetic enthusiasm. An orange rose is a flower that you give to someone who gives you a spark, to peopleĀ  that gives you a feeling of desire. Go ahead and give an orange rose to your special someone who gives you a kick to get more out of life.


White stands for peace and purity, it is a color to represent that we don’t want hatred. We are pure at heart and no evil should stain it. A white rose says you care, you remembered, and you always want to make a good beginning. This color is for those people with charming personality in your life, people who are pure to you as the color white. It is also a way to say good luck and I care.


There are more colors for the rose flower, don’t limit yourself with these and try to me more bold and keep on giving roses!